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Posted by By Max Roth February 22, 2024 on Mar 1st 2024

Now is the time to learn CPR

Now is the time to learn CPR
Every year over 436-thousands Americans die from cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, 70-percent of Americans have no CPR training, or have forgotten how to use it.

This week for Wellness Wednesday FOX 13’s Max Roth had a refresher course on CPR with Kara Hansen, a community educator with Intermountain Health.

“Keep your elbows nice and straight. That’s the biggest thing, okay? Because we don’t want you bending or bouncing.”

“For every minute that passes, and CPR is not happening, a person's chance of survival decreases by 10%,” said Hansen. “In that moment you are their heart. Your hands are what's keeping them alive in that moment and keeping oxygen and blood flowing.”

“I may break ribs,” said Max.

“Yes, it’s actually violent,” said Hansen. “And it sounds a little weird. But if you’re breaking ribs, you’re doing it right.”

Hansen stressed that cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. She said sometimes people are apprehensive or nervous about learning CPR.

“This is just a very simple skill and one that's easy to learn,” said Hansen. “This is a skill for parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches. This is a skill for everybody to learn.”

Intermountain Health offers low-cost in person and online CPR courses.

You can also seek classes through the American Heart Association or American Red Cross.