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Lufkin Heroes Honored For Saving Life Of Man Hit By Stray Bullet

Lufkin Heroes Honored For Saving Life Of Man Hit By Stray Bullet
Early New Year's morning, a Lufkin celebration turned tragic when a man was struck by a stray bullet that had been discharged during celebratory gunfire. The injured man required immediate life-saving assistance.

This story has a happy ending, and recently those responsible for saving the man's life were recognized.

These are the people credited with saving the life of 67-year-old Danny McKenna, and they were given life-saving awards during Lufkin's city council meeting on January 17.

CPR is a Lifesaver

Mr. McKenna was celebrating the New Year's holiday with his family when he was struck in the neck by a round from a neighboring home just after midnight. When he stopped breathing moments later, his family - largely nurses by trade - sprang into action and started CPR.

The family members included Leslie Guerrero, Leo Gonzalez, and Misty DelToro.

Lufkin Police Officer Clayton Lozano arrived within minutes and took over chest compressions. It was Officer Lozano's FIRST day on the job.

Lozano continued life-saving measures until a Lufkin Fire medical crew comprised of Firefighter Jordan Walker, Firefighter Brock Pollino, and Captain Jason Stuck arrived and took over the trauma code.

McKenna's Miraculous Recovery

They rushed Mr. McKenna to a local hospital. Later that same day, he was transferred out for a higher level of care. Although initial reports were grim, Mr. McKenna was released from the hospital in less than a week without suffering extensive brain damage.

That is the power of CPR. Immediate CPR can double or triple the chances of survival after cardiac arrest, according to the American Heart Association.