Posted by By Macy Neumeister June 6, 2023 on Jun 9th 2023

Lincoln man grateful after CPR saves his life

Lincoln man grateful after CPR saves his life

When a Lincoln man suddenly experienced a heart attack, the quick thinking of his son and a 911 dispatcher quite literally saved the day. Bob Martin’s story serves as a reminder that even at home, taking the time to know CPR and first-aid can be crucial.

Martin is grateful for his son, who performed CPR on him after a heart attack at home on April 13. Dispatchers walked Martin’s son through the CPR while 911 was on the way to his southeast Lincoln home.

EMS then continued CPR as they brought him to CHI Health Nebraska Heart where he underwent surgery. Martin woke up seven days later.

If it wasn’t for his son’s quick action, Martin wouldn’t be here today to share his story.

“I can’t thank all the people involved the dispatchers, the nurses, the surgeons, the EMT’s, every one of them played a part in this and had they not played their part, I would not be here,” Martin said.

Dr. Anu Tunuguntla who is an interventional cardiologist at CHI Health Nebraska Heart oversaw Bob during his time in recovery. She is impressed with the level of recovery Martin had.

”The most important thing is, CPR is actually not really difficult to learn. Anyone can do it; you don’t need to be a health care professional,” Dr. Anu Tunuguntla said. “There are study’s that even nine-year-olds can perform high quality, effective CPR.”

Cardiologists say recoveries like this are rare and CPR gave Martin a chance at survival and full cognitive recovery. He says he is thankful to be alive and will never take another day for granted.

After some inpatient rehab, Martin is now home and doing cardiac rehab each week.