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I purchased the wrong class, what do I do?

  • Some classes cost the same price, if you purchase a BLS Initial class, it's the same price as the renewal class, and the skills session. We can just switch you to the class you need. 
  • Please don't purchase the class again on a different day. Just call, text or email and we'll get it fixed.
  • admin@savingamericanhearts.com  (719) 551-1222.

What do I wear to class?  

  • Dress appropriately for the weather. We do have airconditioning. If you are easily chilled bring a jacket.
  • Most students just wear jeans and a T-Shirt, or shorts. Some wear scrubs. If you are in the IV class, you can not wear open toe shoes of flip flops on the second day of class as we will be working with needles and IV catheters.
  • If it is winter time and snow is on the ground, consider bringing a second pair of shoes and socks with you because if your feet get wet you are going to be really uncomfortable until you get back home. 

What if I need to reschedule?

We do not charge any fees to reschedule you and the whole process takes less than 10 seconds. We have one student who rescheduled every month for 13 months in a row.  Life happens, things happen and we understand that. If you need to take care of a family member, or what ever it is that you need to do, you can do it without worrying about your class. We teach classes 5 days a week so it's pretty easy to get you into another class pretty quickly. 

What if I need a refund?

If you need a refund please call or email and put refund in the subject. I can do refunds same day if you have Venmo or paypal. If I do it through the website it can take a week or more. If you are not sure if you are going to make it to class, please wait until the day of your class to pay. If you called and I haven't gotten back to you quickly, please send me an email as I teach classes too, and can't always answer my phone and sometimes I can't hear the text message ding and I'll miss it. You can reach me at (719) 551-1222 or admin@savingamericanhearts.com Catherine Brinkley

Do we get breaks, or a lunch break? 

The BLS Classes, get short breaks as the longest class is only 4 hours. There is not a 30 minute or hour lunch break during this short class. However, you are welcome to bring lunch with you and we have tons of free snacks to get you though the class. 

For ACLS and PALS we take lunch breaks unless students request to just eat snacks and continue with the class. Most ACLS and PALS Students bring lunch with them because it's a much longer class than BLS, and the class lasts even longer if everyone leaves and stands in line wating for food, and drives back to the office. You are welcome to leave for lunch or bring lunch with you, whatever you prefer. You are also welcome to enjoy the free snacks we have available.

IV Classes take an hour break for lunch each day, as the class is three days long from 9 AM to 5 PM. They also get a few 10 and 15 minute breaks thorughout the day. 

Can I reserve a seat without paying for the class right now?

Absolutley!  Just go to the calendar, but don't click on a day or class, instead just use the "Register for Class" button at the top of the page. This will send me a message that you want to sign up. We'll send you a confirmation email with any precourse work you need to do and a link for the payment. You can wait until day of class to make the payment. We'll hold a seat for you whether you have paid or not.