Posted by Catherine Brinkley RN on Sep 28th 2019

FAQ - Bundle Package

The bundle package includes ANY three classes of your choice. You don't have to take all of your classes now, or even choose dates for them until you are ready. With the purchase of the Bundle Package - you get THREE additional classes FREE!  The certificate has no expiration date, and can be transferred to anyone by signing across the front and texting me a picture letting me know that you gave it away. 

Typically, a husband with get the bundle and take ACLS, BLS and PALS, and give the certificate to his wife so she can take her ACLS, BLS and PALS for free.

But, you can do whatever you want. Some people take all 6 classes in the same month to really beef up their resume while hunting for a job.  Others take just one class now, and schedule the others when the come close to the date their certification is going to expire.  You can choose any combination of classes that we offer. We are always adding new classes every few months and have eight new classes we hope to be able to offer before the last day of 2019!

You can also get THREE FREE CLASSES by referring 2 people to us. (They have to actually come to a class and pay for it). All they need to do is give us your name and we will record it. We have a few people who get free classes for life because they have referred so many people to us. 

If you are short on cash, or money is tight like it is for most of us, we have a few options you can try. Square has a financing offer, so does PayPal Credit, and our newest one is called "Afterpay". With after pay, you pay 25% the day you are approved, and then you pay 25% each month, or by the terms of your offer. The full cost is split into four payments.  I just applied for this today for Saving American Hearts to be able to offer this, and since today is Saturday, it will be a few days before we can offer it. Once we get approval, I'm sure they will give us banners or something to post on the website.