Posted by American Heart Association on Oct 12th 2021

​Do you know that there is an AHA BLS Advisor Card?

Do you know that there is an AHA BLS Advisor Card?

The American Heart Association has created a BLS Advisor card for those people who can not physically do the hands on practice and testing in the Basic Life Support course do to a physical disability or injury.

For example, someone who has had hand or shoulder surgery recently, would not be able to perform the chest compressions properly but can communicate and advise another person on how to perform the skills of CPR and use an AED while waiting for emergency responders to arrive.

The BLS Advisor course can be done virtually, since there will be no hands on skills testing, however they will still need to take the written BLS test to pass the cognitive portion of the class. 

If you have been issued a BLS Advisor card, and have been cleared by your doctor to resume normal duties, you can come back in and just do the hands on testing portion of the class to get a traditional BLS card.