Saving American Hearts Reviews

Saving American Hearts Reviews


     11/21/2020     BLS Class      "The course is well laid out and content excellent!"

     11/21/2020     BLS Class      "Typically I prefer online but this was fine. I believe in a pandemic this should be online-though precautions were used!"

     11/21/2020     BLS Class      "I think our instructor was great!"

     11/21/2020     BLS Class      "Excellent presentation!"

     11/21/2020     BLS Class      "I like the visual the instructor provided!"

     11/11/2020     ACLS Class     "The instructor was a wealth of knowledge and was great at explaining everything!"

     11/11/2020     BLS Class       "The instructor was excellent"

     11/03/2020     BLS Class       "Great class and instructor!"

     10/20/2020     ACLS Class     "Like the examples and reasoning behind giving drugs, Different acronyms were great!!!"

     10/02/2020     ACLS Class     "One on one instruction was excellent" 

     08/21/2020     BLS Class       "Loved the instructor"

     08/21/2020     BLS Class       "Excellent instructor. Appropriate amount of talking, joking"

     08/21/2020     BLS Class       "it was great"

     08/17/2020     ACLS Class     "Fantastic! As per usual" 

     07/11/2020     ACLS Class     "Well organized, Catherine was excellent. Taught the content in ways I will remember what is important" 

     07/11/2020     ACLS Class     "The course was easy flowing and I felt comfortable asking any and all questions" 

     07/06/2020     ACLS Class      "Love the way AHA does research and updates methods"